Understand Me




Understand Me (Lyrics)

Understand me
Understand me
Understand me
Understand me

Verse 1
Listen up I got something to tell
Now you may not know me well
I am not the picture you’ve painted
The picture in your mind is something you created
Now let me tell you who I be
I’m a beautiful creation with a heart of purity
If your intentions are pure you can get to know me
If you’re confused by life just

Understand me
Understand me

Verse 2
You may hear about people sleeping around
Sleeping around going from town to town
Cheating on their partners without a care
When they find out another broken hearts there
Now I’m not like that and I’m not the only one
There are people who only want to hold onto one
I will leave you if you do this to me
Before you get closer

Understand me
Understand me
Understand me
Just understand me

Verse 3
I can see by your words and your actions
That you show awesome intentions
I’m gonna let you come closer
A step closer to being my lover
All what I have said is true
Here’s my world I want to share it with you
Now you see I am all that you need
Can you see I’ve made it easy for you to

Understand me
Understand me
Understand me
Thats all what it's about
Just understand me
Everything will be all right

Forget the news and politics just understand me
The worlds going crazy don’t focus on that just understand me
Hey don’t cry dry your tears just understand me
You’re feeling tired don’t worry rest your head on my chest
I’ll hold you
Just understand me
I love you


released October 4, 2011
Written and composed by K STONE


all rights reserved




UK music producer K STONE:
Lyrical content:
All about life.

"I'm subscribing man! You address most of the things I want to!" Ashthegreat - Canada

"Great stuff, finally some music that is truly the artist expressing himself!" Seelos07 - USA
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